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Running AutoSD on qemu

The Automotive SIG publishes images built via OSBuild based on the OSBuild manifest present in the sample-images repository.

Here is a quick guide on how to get you started with them. These steps should work on either Linux or macOS on the x86_64 or AArch64 CPU architectures.

  1. Download your QEMU image from
  2. Unpack it.

    unxz auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-ps-regular-aarch64-602301589.3e284fb7.qcow2.xz
  3. Boot the image by using the runvm script from the sample-images repo:

    ./runvm auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-ps-regular-aarch64-602301589.3e284fb7.qcow2

    To get a login prompt in the same shell, add the --nographics argument:

    ./runvm --nographics auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-ps-regular-aarch64-602301589.3e284fb7.qcow2

    If you run it on a different architecture specify the guest architecture with: --arch aarch64:

    ./runvm --arch aarch64 auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-ps-regular-aarch64-602301589.3e284fb7.qcow2
  4. Log in as root or guest using the password: password.

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