Versioning policy

We want to ensure it's easy to understand what was changed in package in Hyperscale, if anything. To this end:

  • when branching a package from Fedora as-is, keep the EVR unchanged
  • whenever a change is made (regardless of where the package originally comes from), append .N to the release, where N is a monotonically increasing integer that is bumped by one for each subsequent change
  • when importing changes from the upstream package in Hyperscale, if EV changed, reset .N to .1


  • we import foo-1.0-2.fc36 from Fedora unchanged, producing foo-1.0-2.hs.el8
  • we add a patch to it, producing foo-1.0-2.1.hs.el8
  • we make another change, producing foo-1.0-2.2.hs.el8
  • we import the new foo-1.1-1.fc36 release from Fedora and add back our patch, producing foo-1.1-1.1.hs.el8
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