User docs

The Storage SIG provides centos-release-<project> packages in the CentOS Extras repository. This makes it easy for users to install projects from the Storage SIG, only two steps are needed, i.e.:

# yum install centos-release-gluster
# yum install glusterfs-server

Or for example for Ceph:

# yum install centos-release-ceph-luminous
# yum install ceph-{mon,osd,...}

Available release packages for GlusterFS that provide associated releases:

  • centos-release-gluster41 (provides GlusterFS-4.1.x and NFS-Ganesha-2.5.x)
  • centos-release-gluster5 (provides GlusterFS-5.x and NFS-Ganesha-2.6.x)
  • centos-release-gluster6 (provides GlusterFS-6.x and NFS-Ganesha-2.7.x)
  • centos-release-gluster7 (provides GlusterFS-7.x)
  • centos-release-gluster8 (provides GlusterFS-8.x)
  • centos-release-gluster9 (provides GlusterFS-9.x)
  • centos-release-gluster10 (provides GlusterFS-10.x)
  • centos-release-gluster11 (provides GlusterFS-11.x)

Available release packages for Ceph:

  • centos-release-ceph-luminous (provides Ceph-12.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-mimic (provides Ceph-13.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-nautilus (provides Ceph-14.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-octopus (provides Ceph-15.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-pacific (provides Ceph-16.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-quincy (provides Ceph-17.2.y)
  • centos-release-ceph-reef (provides Ceph-18.2.y)

Available release packages for NFS-Ganesha (beginning with NFS-Ganesha-2.8):

  • centos-release-nfs-ganesha28 (provides NFS-Ganesha-2.8.x)
  • centos-release-nfs-ganesha30 (provides NFS-Ganesha-3.x)
  • centos-release-nfs-ganesha4 (provides NFS-Ganesha-4.x)
  • centos-release-nfs-ganesha5 (provides NFS-Ganesha-5.x)

Available release packages for Samba:

  • centos-release-samba411 (provides Samba-4.11.x)
  • centos-release-samba412 (provides Samba-4.12.x)
  • centos-release-samba413 (provides Samba-4.13.x)
  • centos-release-samba414 (provides Samba-4.14.x)
  • centos-release-samba415 (provides Samba-4.15.x)
  • centos-release-samba416 (provides Samba-4.16.x)
  • centos-release-samba417 (provides Samba-4.17.x)
  • centos-release-samba418 (provides Samba-4.18.x)


  • centos-release-storage-common (base dependency for all Storage SIG release packages)

Documentation that describes how to configure and use the projects have their own pages: