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Welcome to the Cloud SIG

The Cloud SIG focuses on providing different FOSS based cloud infrastructure applications that can be installed and run natively on CentOS Stream.

We welcome anyone that is interested and willing to do work within the scope of the SIG to join and contribute.

This documentation is still a work in progress and we welcome any contributions.

For more information about the SIG’s charter, members, or goal, see the Cloud SIG page on the CentOS wiki.


The Cloud SIG is working on several artifacts, including:

  • The RPM Distribution of OpenStack (RDO) repositories: these are RPM repositories produced by RDO to deploy OpenStack.
  • The OKD/SCOS Distribution: this is a SCOS backed version of OKD built with a Tekton pipeline managed by the OKD working group.

RPM Distribution OpenStack (RDO) repos

RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on CentOS Stream and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Its purpose is to build, test and deliver a set of stable OpenStack packages through these repos.

The content lives in for CentOS Stream 9, and for CentOS Stream 8.

Those repos are published after the GA of an upstream OpenStack release, and the content is tested and digitally signed. Only stable branches are used, not the one under development (note that if you want to install the one currently under development, you can use RDO Trunk repositories).

They are constantly updated with the latest project releases published (release tag created) on upstream release repo.

To enable one of the repository on a CentOS Stream system, run the command below:

$ sudo dnf install centos-release-openstack-<release>
Where <release> is the name of the OpenStack release you want to install. The RDO community supports the same OpenStack releases supported by upstream. Note that we do not archive old repositories.

For more information about the content of RDO, see the overview of available RDO repos.


OKD is basically the Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat OpenShift. They build and release on a fully open source release pipeline deployed with the help of Tekton build pipelines and

The artifact produced here is OKD/SCOS, a CentOS Stream CoreOS backed version of OKD.

The first MVP of OKD/SCOS lives here.

Cloud SIGs members

Current members:

  • Alan Pevec
  • Alfredo Moralejo
  • Amy Marrich
  • Chistian Glombek
  • David Duncan
  • Joel Capitao
  • Jose Castro Leon
  • Karolina Kula
  • Leif Madsen
  • Marcin Juszkiewicz
  • Matthias Runge
  • Paul B. Isaac’s
  • Tony Breeds

Current SIG chairs are Joel Capitao and Christian Glombek

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