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DNS terms

This outlines the conditions of a SIG managing infra themselves for which the centos team is not directly responsible on a subdomain.

  • A point of contact will need to be named and we will keep our own records for these contacts
  • No illegal activity should occur on the hosted infrastructure
  • Only content related to the SIG and/or centos should be served from this domain
  • Centos and Red Hat will not be liable for any content served.
  • No content should be served to any T5 country
  • The entry will be created with the following format <sig_name>
  • When the entry is created a it will be a cname created with the format <sig_name> for internal purposes this will then point to the A/AAAA record
  • Security best practices should be put in place including but not limited to hsts and TLS v1.2
  • We reserve the right to temporarily remove the dns entry if these conditions are not met or in case of a serious security issue.
How to get an entry

Please raise a ticket on the centos-infra tracker and select the sig-dns template.

Read the terms and if you agree to them provide the domain info.