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Using GitLab

Best practices for the usage of the CentOS namespace on gitlab

This document highlights the best practices SIGs interested in using the CentOS namespace on should follow.

Login in

Instructions on how to link your CentOS account with a gitlab account can be found in our Authentication page.


Any and all content hosted on should follow the Requirements the CentOS project has specified for SIGs:


It is expected that access levels are managed via groups on (ACO). There are different ways this can be achieved.

Simple case

For SIGs who are fine with everyone getting the same level of access, a single group can be created on where all the SIG members will be added. This group can then be mapped to that SIG’s namespace under and be given owner access level.

This means, everyone added to this group on will be granted owner access to each and every project placed under that SIG’s namespace. This also means, that anyone not in this group will have no access at all.

More complex case

For SIGs who want or need a more fine tuned model, it is recommended that they create a groups namespace under the SIG’s namespace. In the group namespace will be placed all the groups needed by the SIG and each of this group will be mapped to a corresponding group on ACO. There should be no project under the groups namespace. The groups can then be given access to any project and the access level of the group can be picked on a per-project basis.

Here is an example of the structure recommended for the complex case:

SIG's namespace
├── groups
│   ├── group1-developers [grp1]
│   ├── group2-maintainers [grp2]
│   └── sig [sg]
├── rpms
│   └── pkg [grp1+grp2]
├── src
│   └──source_tree [grp1]
└── sig [sg]
Group membership refresh

To login via ACO on, you must use the following link:

Group memberships are refreshed upon login into So if someone is added to a group in ACO, they will need to visit that link again: to have their membership refreshed.

Group names

For SIGs using the more complex case where multiple groups are required or desired, it is expected that the extra groups created on ACO to manage access on should follow the corresponding pattern: gitlab-<fedora|centos>-sig-<sig-name>(-<name>)

Some examples:

  • gitlab-centos-sig-hypsercale-maintainers
  • gitlab-centos-sig-automotive-kernel-maintainer
  • gitlab-centos-sig-automotive-sig-owner
  • gitlab-centos-sig-docs-members
Requesting a namespace or a group

To request a namespace under or the creation of a group on ACO, simply open a ticket at: