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SIG's spin

CentOS SIG spin policy and guidelines

CentOS SIGs can create spins of the distribution if they so desire. A spin in this context is defined as an alternative distribution deliverable (e.g. ISO install image, LiveDVD image, cloud image, etc.) with SIG specific customizations that deviate from the stock CentOS deliverables. For example, the Hyperscale SIG is currently producing a Workstation spin delivered as a LiveDVD.

Making a spin

To create a new spin, you will need a few dedicated packages to properly identify the spin: - add a centos-release-$name-spin subpackage to your SIG release package (example); this subpackage should either require or include any repository definitions that are needed for the spin to work - branch [centos-stream-release]( and add acentos-stream-spin-$name-releasesubpackage to it; make sure to setVARIANTandVARIANT_IDin [os-release]( to properly identify the spin and to add aRequires` for the spin release package (example)

Within these packages, $name should either be the name of the SIG (if producing only one spin), or the name of the SIG followed by the name of the spin.

We recommend using a dedicated destination tag in CBS for spin-specific packages, and including the corresponding repository definition in your centos-release-$name-spin subpackage. This is especially important if the spin includes packages that will only work properly within the spin itself (i.e. they are not suitable for installation on stock CentOS systems).

Spins produced by a SIG should be documented on its wiki page as deliverables.


CentOS spins are part of the CentOS Project, in the same way that other SIG deliverables are. Spins should strive to comply with all project policies, guidelines and best practices. SIGs are required to clearly identify spins as such, but are otherwise allowed to use the CentOS logo and name as part of spins they may produce like for any other deliverables.


Spin deliverables should be built in CBS and distributed via the mirror network. This isn't a requirement for experimental and work-in-progress deliverables, as long as they're clearly marked as such.

Discontinued spins

SIGs should review the content they produce during their quarterly review. If the SIG has announced their intention to no longer maintain a spin, it will be removed from the mirrors.