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There are various ways to communicate with the Kmods SIG.

Report Bugs/Issues/RFE

Please report any issue specific to a certain package in the corresponding project's issue tracker on GitLab/CentOS/kmods. A project for each package is available in rpms. For some packages an additional project exist in src. In case two projects exist for a certain package, please use the one in src to submit issues.

In case the issue is not related to a specific package or you want to request a new package please use the Kmods SIG Issue Tracker.


For interactive communication or short question IRC is best suited. You can find us in #centos-kmods on Libera.Chat.

Mailing list

Mailing list is mainly used for coordination and discuss larger issues. We do not have a Kmods SIG specific mailing list, hence we use centos-devel for this purpose.

Regular Meetings

Regular IRC meetings are held monthly, in the first week, on Monday at 1600 UTC in #centos-meeting on Libera.Chat.

See Meeting minutes for minutes of past meetings.