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Packages released in main are designed to be drop-in replacements for the corresponding packages on a stock CentOS Stream system. This repository can be enabled by installing the centos-release-hyperscale package:

$ sudo dnf install centos-release-hyperscale

Note that this release package will pull in epel-release, as EPEL is a prerequisite for Hyperscale. We also recommend enabling PowerTools (which is itself a prerequisite for EPEL) with:

sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools

Available packages

Browse the release tag on CBS to see what packages are available. Please report any issues with these packages on our package-bugs tracker.


We ship a backport of systemd based on the Fedora packaging. This includes a variety of bug fixes in existing features such as timers and cgroups, as well as new properties that take advantage of the latest kernel features. You can also look forward to new knobs in the various tools and daemons to make debugging and configuration easier.

By default, this backport will boot the system using the unified cgroup hierarchy (i.e. cgroup2), in line with systemd upstream policy. This can be changed with the appropriate kernel cmdline knobs.

This systemd backport also includes a SELinux overlay module, which allows running systemd on a system in enforcing mode. Nonetheless, the SELinux integration has only seen limited testing and should be considered experimental at this point.

We also include systemd-oomd, which was declared stable in systemd 248 and was adopted in Fedora 34 as the default userspace out-of-memory killer. It monitors memory pressure thresholds and kills processes at the cgroup level. The systemd-oomd-defaults package, which provides the policy used by Fedora, is also backported to our repository.


We ship an updated version of kpatch, which also includes the kpatch-build tool. This can be used to convert kernel patches to be then applied onto a system that supports Kernel Live Patching.