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The Hyperscale SIG was approved by the CentOS Board on January 13 2021. Everybody is welcome to join and contribute to the SIG. The membership list is currently maintained on the CentOS Wiki.

Membership can be requested by filing an issue on the SIG tracker or by asking during one of the regular IRC meetings. Current members can raise objection, and in case of disagreement membership requests can be put to a vote, but in general we'd welcome anybody that's interested and willing to do work within the scope of the SIG. We do expect SIG members to actively contribute or otherwise remain engaged with the project, and will initiate removal of stale members after six months of inactivity.

Voting on motions

During meetings, motions can be put up to a vote as needed. Attending SIG members can vote +1 (in favor), -1 (against) or 0 (abstain). Votes are tallied up afterwards and the result is recorded in the meeting minutes.

Chair elections

The Hyperscale SIG has two co-chair positions; the current chairs are currently recorded on the CentOS Wiki.

When a chair position opens, an election is held to replace the vacant seat. Nominations can be submitted by filing an issue on the SIG tracker; all active SIG members are eligible to serve as co-chairs.

At the end of the nomination period (generally one week) the election will begin. The election is held via secret ballot using ranked choice voting (one suitable platform for this is rcv123), and all SIG members are eligible voters. At the end of the elections, the votes will be tallied and the result announced during the next SIG meeting. The actual election process will only be performed if there is more than one nomination.