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How to join

  • Read the charter and think about what/why/how you'd like to work on within the SIG
  • Join #centos-hyperscale on Libera.Chat
  • File an issue requesting to join (alternatively: request to join during one of the monthly meetings)
  • The formal membership policy is detailed on the governance page, but the tl;dr is that we welcome anybody that's interested in doing work within the scope of the SIG


New member side:

  • Before joining the SIG:
  • Get a Fedora account here if you don't have one already
  • Login on, and to initialize your account.
  • After joining the SIG:
  • Install mock-centos-sig-configs
  • Set up the packager tools
    • Set up your ~/.fedora.upn to tell our tooling your FAS username if it differs from your Unix name
    • Make sure to acquire a Fedora Kerberos ticket as well. More information and debugging tips can be found here.
  • Install centos-packager
  • Run centos-cert to generate a new certificate
    • It'll take an hour or so for the certificate to become active
    • Make a calendar reminder to renew it in 6 months

SIG side:

  • Add the Fedora account to
  • Add the CentOS account to
  • Update the members list on