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Branches in CentOS

The convention on is for packages to have a branch per major CentOS version, so you get c7, c8-beta, c8, etc. These branches host the source delivery from the corresponding RHEL version.

Packages in CentOS Stream 8 have a c8s branch, and that's the one you want to look at in the vast majority of cases. Likewise, packages in CentOS Stream 9 have a c9s branch; this branch is however hosted on GitLab, not on

Packages shipped as part of module streams can have additional branches, usually named <dist>-stream-<modulestream>. For example, the softhsm package has a c8s-stream-DL1 branch, signifying it is shipped as part of the DL1 module stream (of the idm module, in this case). On a running system, dnf module provides softhsm would also point out the origin of this package.

In general, a CentOS SIG will have push access to all branches named cXs-sig-<signame>*.

Branches in Hyperscale

Packages in the Hyperscale SIG should be maintained in a cXs-sig-hyperscale branch, where cXs refers to the CentOS Stream version (e.g. c8s for CentOS Stream 8). In the past, we also used cXs-sig-hyperscale-experimental branches for packages targeting the experimental repository. These are deprecated and will be removed once all packages have been migrated to the current convention.