Building container images

Our container images are hosted on SIG members should have push access, and bot credentials are stored in the secrets repo on gitlab.

To build and push a new image:

  • get a stock system of the same version as your target (e.g. CentOS Stream 8 for the stream8 image)
  • ensure our release package is installed (for the GPG keys): dnf install centos-release-hyperscale
  • clone our containers-releng repo: git clone
  • build the image (use 8 or 9 for version): ./ $VERSION
  • check that the image is sane (e.g. by logging into the container and inspecting the rpmdb)
  • login on quay: podman login
  • push the image: podman push centos-stream-hyperscale-${VERSION}${VERSION}

Once the image is pushed check the tags page on Quay.