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About the kernel in Hyperscale

We try to follow the kernel build from CentOS Stream 9 as closely as possible.


Links can be found on the CI/CD page.

Contributing to the Hyperscale kernel code

See the contributing to the Kernel page.

Contributing to the RPM spec

Not yet available

kernel Hyperscale RPM sources

Build Commands

For CBS you will need to be onboarded to the SIG.

From inside the fork of the kernel Hyperscale RPM sources repo:

# Local build with mock; You can skip these steps and use cbs directly
mock -r centos-stream-9-x86_64 -D '%dist .hsx.el9' --sources SOURCES --spec SPECS/*.spec

# Create src.rpm for CBS
rpmbuild --define "%_topdir $PWD" --define "%dist .hsx.el9" -bs SPECS/kernel.spec

# CBS scratch builds
cbs build --scratch hyperscale9s-packages-experimental-el9s <path to src.rpm>

Once the specfile changes are pushed you can do a real build:

# CBS builds for CentOS Stream 8
git checkout c8s-sig-hyperscale
cbs build hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-el8 "git+$(git rev-parse HEAD)"

# CBS builds for CentOS Stream 9
git checkout c9s-sig-hyperscale
cbs build hyperscale9s-packages-experimental-el9s "git+$(git rev-parse HEAD)"

# Tag it for testing
cbs tag-build hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-testing kernel-<version num>.hsx.el8
cbs tag-build hyperscale9s-packages-experimental-testing kernel-<version num>.hsx.el9

# Tag for release; This will let it go to the mirrors
cbs tag-build hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-release kernel-<version num>.hsx.el8
cbs tag-build hyperscale9s-packages-experimental-release kernel-<version num>.hsx.el9