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The Hyperscale SIG focuses on enabling CentOS Stream deployment on large-scale infrastructures and facilitating collaboration on packages and tooling.


The SIG was approved by the CentOS board on January 13, 2021 and is currently active. The original SIG proposal can be found on the archived CentOS Wiki.

What's in scope

In general, we see this SIG as a good place for anything that is beneficial to enabling CentOS Stream deployment in a large-scale production environment, but cannot be directly merged or contributed to CentOS, Fedora or EPEL proper.

Faster-moving package backports

In some environments it can be desirable to track some base packages at a faster pace (e.g. for feature enablement or for ease of interaction with upstream). These have been historically maintained internally and independently by various entities, and can be difficult to consume downstream, despite being of general interest.

The SIG aims to maintain these kinds of backports on upstream infrastructure, both to make them easier to consume, and to enable upstreaming changes and improvements whenever possible. The goal is for these backports to be drop-in replacements for the distro-provided packages and to offer the same degree of stability.

Policy and configuration alternatives

There is value in providing alternatives to distro-wide policies at times, especially when they are relatively self-contained.

Enabling large-scale testing for distro-wide changes

We hope the SIG can also provide a space to make it easier to test distro-wide changes to ease their development and integration in the distribution proper.

What's not in scope

In general, anything that can be contributed directly to CentOS, Fedora, EPEL or other upstreams is not in scope. This includes:

  • new packages: these should be submitted to Fedora and then EPEL
  • packages available in Fedora but not in EPEL: these should be submitted to EPEL
  • missing -devel and other unshipped packages: these should be submitted to CentOS per the unshipped packages policy
  • bugfixes for packages already part of the distribution: these should be submitted upstream directly


See the Content section in our documentation.


  • Issue-only repo to coordinate SIG business:
  • ACL group on FAS/ACO:
  • Pagure group:
  • GPG key:
  • IRC channel: #centos-hyperscale on Libera.Chat


See the Communication channels page.


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